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Find, and track all Pokemon near you or anywhere in the world in realtime for Pokemon GO! Pokemon near the selected location ( map marker ) will be placed on the map along with their despawn timer. All Pokemon locations displayed on the map are displayed in real time and can be found at their exact location.

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What is PokeVS? PokeVS is a Pokemon tracker for Pokemon Go. By entering a location and clicking the scan button you can discover Pokemon near your location. How Do I Track Pokemon? 1. Enter a location or click anywhere on the map to drop a location marker.
2. Click the "Auto Scan Location" button located at the bottom center of the page. A dialogue box will appear with additional instructions.
Why am I forced to disable adblocker? If we did not place ads on the website there is no way we would be able to provide our services since the map and servers are quite costly. We are currently using Google Adsense as our ad provider. Why can't I find Pokemon near me? As long as the Pokemon Go servers are online Pokemon should appear. If you find a Pokemon in game that is not appearing on our map contact our twitter and we will look into it. Why doesn't the map display my area? Our maps are provided by Esri. Unfortunately certain areas of the world have not been mapped out yet. We are currently working on an alternative solution for those who cannot find their location on the map. Why does X location have a lot of Pokemon but i can't find any near me? PokeVS is most effective when there are a lot of people scanning in the same area. Our system caches Pokemon found by other users. For example if a Pokemon is found by your neighbor it would immediately appear for you on the map. We encourage that you share the scanner with friends to increase the Pokemon found in your area! What are PokeVS Auto Scanned Locations? Niantic has added various restrictions to eliminate bots. If one of our accounts scans too many areas it will quickly get banned which slows down scanning as a whole. So instead we have opened up auto scanning locations. This allows us to setup dedicated accounts for the area auto scanned, which will allow a group of accounts to scan 1 area which will limit bans while also auto scanning the area for you. Why can't I close the menu? We heavily compressed the javascript of our site to drastically improve our load times. Some adblockers prevent loading this kind of javascript in an attempt to prevent ads from loading. Try disabling adblocker, if it works problem solved. If you are still experiencing an issue contact us via Twitter
Experiencing Issues? Disable Adblocker, It Causes Errors On Our Site.
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