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PokeVS Marker Ads
What Is Pokevs? PokeVS is a realtime pokemon go tracker. We provide players a utility to find and track pokemon anywhere in the world in realtime.
To simplify our map displays the location, spawn time, and level of pokemon around a given area.
What Is Traffic Like? Traffic From March 1st, 2017 - April 11th, 2017 Screenshot 191,218 Unique Users 1,003,099 Page Views Spikes come from youtuber coverage ( a few listed below ) dips come from the downtime when we have to scale servers, accounts, and proxies. We work with several large pokemon go youtubers under a referral based incentive system Example 1, Example 2. We have been recently covered by VentureBeat and we are talking with other news outlets, youtubers, and influencers.
What Are Marker Ads? Large Marker Ad
Includes 125px x 125px image + tooltip message. 125px x 125px image visible on page load. 80 character message visible on icon hover.
Small Marker Ad
Does not include 125px x 125px image. 80 character message visible on icon hover.
When browser width falls below 800px, on map click, and when map is zoomed out a few times the large marker image and tooltip text is hidden. It is all visible again once the user hovers over the icon ( acts like a tooltip ). This is all done to reduce impact on user experience while also meeting the needs of our advertisers.
What Can Be Advertised? You are free to advertise anything really. Our main concern is maintaining a family friendly environment so the ads cannot contain pornography or similar content. This service would be great for things like Crowdfunding Campaigns - Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. Etsy Shops Link Building Pokemon Products Or Services Small Businesses
Best Opportunities - First Come First Serve Santa Monica Pier, CA - Users visiting PokeVS are sent to Santa Monica Pier to demonstrate our scanning capabilities. Small/Large Marker Ads placed around the pier are visible on page load. Largest Cities List - Place a Large Marker Ad within any major city across the globe. We will help share the location with popular pokemon go subreddits. Bodies Of Water In Major Cities - Pokemon spawn on land while the lakes, rivers, and oceans around the spawns are empty. Meaning pokemon won't overlap and the Marker Ad will always be visible. Brick And Mortar Locations - Place a Large Marker Ad near your store front location to attract additional foot traffic.
Terms and Conditions By purchasing a Marker Ad you will not "own" any part of this site. You are granted the right to submit a location, image, logo, message, and link which will be placed on the location defined within the purchase. If the Marker Ad is purchased for a set duration of time the expiration time will begin once the Ad is placed on the map. Ads are placed on a first come first serve basis. If your Ad does not follow our rules or is missing something we will refund and send an email with the issues that occured during approval ( Using the paypal email you paid with ) The details of the Marker Ad CANNOT be changed once they have been submitted. All Active Marker Ads will be kept on the map as long as the service is online. We intend to keep the site online for as long as possible. If for any reason the service is offline we will continue to host the map as long as possible. Unless required to take down by court ruling, etc. We will not provide a refund if the site is taken down for the reasons previously stated. Every aspect of Ads must be family friendly, we have a lot of parents who purchase accounts/scans for their children. Pornography or similar content is not allowed. If your ad is rejected we will refund the purchase so you can try again. Ads will be processed within 24 - 48 hours, you will receive a link via email after purchase. It will take you to a page displaying the status and details of your purchase. Location, image, logo, tooltip message, and link is defined by the advertiser and must be defined within the paypal transaction. We reserve the right to remove any Ads linking to content that is not family friendly without providing a refund. Ads cannot overlap other marker ads Advertisers may request for their ad to be removed from the site. We can accommodate the request but a refund will not be provided and the Ad location will be available for others to purchase. Images cannot be animated, and will be resized to fit the format/dimensions purchased. Images For the Large Marker Ad are set to 125px x 125px in rem ( Root Em Units ) The Marker Icons are set to 40px x 40px. On Map zoom the images are resized, and when the browser width is below 800px every element on the site is reduced by 88% to fit mobile devices. You must have the rights to the images provided for the Ad, we will comply with any valid copyright infringement claims and remove your Ad without providing a refund. Marker Ads must be paid and cleared instantly in order to be placed on the map. 100% uptime is not guaranteed but we also maintain our own service so we will try to keep downtime to a minimum.
Provide Coordinates For Marker Ad When clicking a location on the map the URL is updated with the coordinates, copy and paste them here.
Ad Url/Link
40px x 40px Icon Link - Use imgur
125px x 125px Image Link ( If Applicable ) - Use imgur
80 Character Tooltip Text
Marker Ad Options
Ads fund our server and development costs.
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We have added 2, 3, and 4 Mile scanning options
There's A Problem!
Pokemon IV's are now determined by your trainer level so they may be innacurate. We are currently looking for a solution to increase their accuracy. Unfortunately we were forced to remove the pokemon images from the map...